Home Energy Inspections

The home energy report is included with our Energy Package that features the home inspection, energy report, and NO COST ebook.

Most homebuyers decide on their new home without really understanding the costs of operating it. The costs of heating and cooling the home, in addition to lighting, appliances, and heating the water can vary greatly from one property to another.

On average, Americans spend $2,500 per year on utility bills. By identifying and improving areas where your home isn't as efficient as if could be, you could lower your utility costs by as much as 30%. For the average American, that comes out to a savings of $500 every year.

A Home Energy Report is included with your home inspection as part of our Energy Package. We'll be able to estimate how much your home will cost to operate. We'll also identify where energy is being wasted and what actions can be taken to save energy and increase the comfort of your home.

Along with the inspection and the Home Energy Report, you will also receive a Home Energy E-book with additional ways to save energy, increase comfort, and protect the environment.

Home Energy Inspection
in the District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia

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